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Contact Us And Our Website

Please, before sending us an email, read the Frequently Asked Questions.

We value our time and yours very much; that is why we do everything possible to assist you as quickly and effectively as possible. We have a generic FAQ page and another with frequently asked questions about recipes. 

Please find your question on those two pages before sending us an email. If your question is already answered on one of our FAQ pages or this page, you may not receive an answer, and if you insist, we may mark it as spam.

We are not interested in:

  • Press releases.
  • Receive products in exchange for entries in our blog.
  • People who want to write guest articles on our blog.
  • Receive free products.
  • Sell ​​text links.
  • Promote infographics, Kickstarter campaigns, apps, eBook, etc.
  • Requests for links to other pages.
  • New networks or ad companies.
  • Requests to put advertising spaces on the blog or sponsored blog post on social networks.
  • Destructive criticism, spam, insults, etc.

Thanks for your interest!

Can I use your recipe or photo?

You can use a photo of a recipe as long as you link to the recipe on our blog. We do not allow the recipe to be copied (ingredients or step by step). If our recipe inspires you, we appreciate your links to our blog. If you want to know more, you can read here.

I have a question about a recipe, about something you said or about a blog post.

Please read the recipe well; many times, we receive questions whose answers are answered in the recipe itself. Also, read this question and answer page about our recipes.

Share or use your recipes or images

We do not allow our entries or our complete recipes to be copied. For more questions, consult this page

  • Personal websites: You can use a photo, always with a link to our blog's original recipe.
  • Business websites: ask us by email before using our recipes or pictures.

I still have doubts, where can I find you?

You can write to contact (at) danceofstoves (dot) com.

Note: We use the way to write the email you see above to avoid spam, to write us to change (at) to @ and (period) to