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Tips For Maintaining Your Home In The Summer

Tips for keeping your home in the summer
The days are getting longer, and the temperature is rising. 

We are already beginning to think about outdoor activities. 

That is why as a renovation company in Madrid we want to give you advice for the maintenance of your house in summer. 

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Read on and start putting this list to work.

Simple steps to start summer maintenance

Here are a few simple steps to start adjusting your home for the hottest time of the year:

  1. Inspect for Bugs - Check every space in the house for indicators of pests or insects. If you discover them, follow every step necessary to treat and eliminate those pesky little animals.
  2. Check Hoses - Inspect those appliances that use hoses for leaks, breaks, or wear. Look at the dishwasher, refrigerator, washer and dryer. Who should replace hoses every 3 to 5 years, but you should check them regularly.
  3. Clean the shower heads - take them out and clean them to remove all sediment that gets trapped there.
  4. Check Encounters - Check caulks behind sinks, in kitchens, and bathrooms in general.
  5. Replace filters: check air conditioner filters, clean compressor if necessary. In summer you will use them a lot so you should do maintenance before the heat begins.
  6. Clean the dryer extractors: this appliance has ventilation elements; Which must maintain this appliance continues to function well.
  7. Inspect the water heater: dump the water from the heater and test the flow according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  8. Test the garage door: inspect all the elements of the door, clean and oil them.
  9. Inspect the house's exits: check cracks in the floor, repair them, taking advantage of the summer. In winter it will be more difficult to do these jobs.
  10. Clean and check the deck, patio, and porch for paint damage, ceilings, or stairs. Make sure the brackets are not broken or weakened.

Tips for maintaining your home in the summer

Being a homeowner is important to be responsible. 

Each season your property will require some maintenance. 

For example, it is recommended to do a deep cleaning of your house in spring

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There are many things you can do yourself, others for which you will need a specialist.

Check the ceiling

Who should inspect the roof of your home annually to make sure there are no problems. 

Whether the rainy season is over or is about to begin, it's best to check it for any small issues before it gets bigger.

Depending on the type of roof, you will want to clean regularly as well. 

This will prevent any permanent water damage.

The temperature and the summer sun are ideal for doing this task. 

Look for holes in the roof that can mean leaks when the rains begin in the fall. 

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Also, they could cause mould that affects the health of your family.

If you notice a problem, repair it if you can or call a specialist to help you. 

If it needs to be replaced, you don't want a damaged roof in the middle of a harsh winter.

check the roof in summer

Clean gutters

Cleaning your gutters regularly will help prevent unnecessary clogs and leaks. 

It is recommended to clean them at least twice a year; you can do it in summer and winter. 

This last option because this way, it cleans all the leaves that have fallen from autumn.

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In summer, removing all the flowers and seeds that may have flown from the spring is recommended.

Check the air conditioning.

The number 1 priority for maintaining your home should be the air conditioning unit. 

It is very important to inspect it regularly and prevent damage.

The basic check involves looking at the refrigerant and gas levels so that the air conditioner continues to work at its best. 

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This way you avoid a surprise increase in your electricity bills. 

Also, make sure that the fan is working well and clean the coalsso there is no risk of potential damage.

It is also necessary to change the air conditioning filter frequently. 

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This action will allow you to save electrical energy when using it. 

Some experts indicate that the change should be once a month if you use it daily.

Follow these tips to cool your home in the summer.

Pool maintenance
pool maintenance in summer

If you have a pool the days before summer, you should do the maintenance. 

Depending on where you live, it has probably been more than six months since you last used it. 

So to have it ready for the summer, the best thing is to clean it, measure the water levels, make sure that the pipes and pumps work well.

Also, you should check the balance of the chemicals. 

Start the last week before the swimwear season begins. 

This will ensure that the water is ready and safe for bathing.

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Remember to look for a pool pump that is energy efficient. 

This way, the electricity bill will not go up too much during the summer months.

Pressure clean the exterior of your home

Who should not forget the exterior of your house; it is part of the maintenance routine. 

A very simple way to clean it is by applying pressure cleaning to the outside. 

You can use a pressure washer for this.

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With pressure cleaning, you can remove all the dust, dirt, stains, and mould formed by the low temperatures on the walls.

Before cleaning, be sure to cover floors, electrical terminations, windows and doors to avoid damaging these items.

Check the windows

Just as in winter, you want to make sure that the cold stays outside; in summer, you want to make sure that the heat stays outside. 

Who can achieve this by properly maintaining the windows?

It is essential to check that they are well sealed and safe. 

That there is no open area. 

Take a good look at both the exterior and the interior. 

If you see any damage, repair it immediately. 

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Taking care of your windows will make your home look and feel good.

If you need to replace the windows, contact carpentry professionals in Madrid.

Take care of the outside

Who will heavily use the outside of your home in the summer? 

So you have to give it proper maintenance.

  • Water the plants deeply two to three times a week and water the lawn a little every day.
  • Cut the grass whenever necessary, this will depend on the variety you have planted and the length you like. And leave the clippings on the lawn itself to decompose and nurture it.
  • Remember to weed the flowers and around the bushes. Kill weeds, so they don't damage your garden.
  • Apply fertiliser to your lawn. This will help keep grass out, and the soil retains moisture when the summer heat rages. Your plants will be happier.
  • You must have been waiting for these hotter days to have a barbecue. The grill needs maintenance before you start using it. If it is gas, turn it on, let it warm, turn it off, cool, and clean the entire grate with a brush. If it is charcoal, remove any remaining residue, wash the interior with soap and water, let it dry completely.
  • Replace outside bulbs and any power lines if necessary.
  • Trim trees and shrubs around the house.

General house cleaning

If you have fans at home, they will be your best allies against the summer heat. 

He will use them a lot. Lack of use in the colder months sure left them dusty. 

Turning them on will circulate that dust and make the entire room dirty. 

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So make sure you clean them well before you use them.

In the colder months, we spend a lot of time indoors. 

We cook a lot of hot meals. 

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And we probably don't have the time for deep cleaning. 

Take advantage of the last days of spring to clean up.

With a thorough cleaning of appliances, you can achieve better energy efficiency and increase your life span.

Wood floors can be affected in cold months. 

Clean and polish them well so they are as good as new for the summer.

How to keep your house cool in the summer

High summer temperatures can make us feel suffocated at home. 

If we do not want to have the air conditioning on to save on electricity, some options are to cool your home.

  1. Keep blinds or curtains closed. About 30% of unwanted heat comes from windows. Using the curtains, you can lower the temperature in your house. This will minimise the use of air conditioning and fans by between 7 and 10%. At night if it gets cool open the windows to let in the air.
  2. Use cotton sheets and pillows. A fresh, clean set of sheets will help you feel much better at bedtime.
  3. Turn on the kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans. This will help remove hot air in the hottest hours of the day.
  4. Invest in a fan. These will help circulate the air in your house, are much cheaper, and use less energy than air conditioners.
  5. Place plants inside the house. They will help filter the air and allow the weather to feel much cooler.
  6. Turn off the lights or switch to CFL bulbs. They consume less energy and keep the house cooler.

Follow these summer home maintenance tips, and you can have a much calmer holiday season at home. 

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Remember that if you need to make reforms in your house, you can contact us and ask for a quote.

house maintenance in summer infographic

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