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Healthy Vegan Breakfasts

Healthy vegan breakfasts
We always take your opinion into account, and many of you have asked us to give you more healthy vegan breakfast options. 

Although we have several options on the blog, we have decided to make a series with seven new recipes to give you some ideas of what we usually eat for breakfast. 

All the recipes will be very healthy, easy to prepare, and we will use easy-to-find ingredients so that you can make them without any problem.

Breakfast is an important meal, and we have to start the day by nourishing our body to perform at work or in studies or to feel good and have more energy. 

Lack of time is not an excuse for not having breakfast; you can prepare your breakfast the day before or get up 5 or 10 minutes before doing something quickly. 

Another option is to have a banana, some dates or some other fruit that you like, and take something more elaborate to drink throughout the morning when you have more time or are hungry.

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Before being vegan, I preferred salty breakfasts, but now the truth is that 99% of my breakfasts are sweet, so you will see that there are more sweet recipes than salty ones in this series, although we are also going to give you a couple of options for you don't have a sweet tooth, don't worry!

We use oatmeal a lot to prepare our healthy breakfasts. 

If you are celiac or gluten intolerant, you can use gluten-free oats (if the oat flakes have a gluten content of less than 20 ppm or 20 mg/kg, they are suitable for celiacs as indicated by regulation CE 41/2009, although people with Intense gluten sensitivity can present symptoms below 20 ppm, so they should be aware of their tolerance level). 

In any case, we will try to give alternatives as far as possible for those who cannot take it. ?

I always start the day by drinking water

I drink two glasses of water, and then I prepare a cup of warm water with the juice of half a lemon (if it is small, I will add a whole one). 

Afterwards, when I'm hungry, I make myself breakfast, which 90% of the time is usually a green smoothie or porridge because they fill me up; I feel great after eating them, and I couldn't get tired of them. 

Since I work from home, I can afford to do a complete breakfast ritual, but if you don't have much time, I recommend that you have a glass of water when you wake up and drink water throughout the day! Very important! 

Mobile applications remind you that you have to drink, and you can write down each glass you drink. 

You can also carry a 1.5 or 2-litre water bottle with you all day, so you don't forget to drink.

I won't tire of saying it, but we NEVER have to go hungry. 

It is possible to eat healthily and lose weight by eating your fill - you have to choose healthy and nutritious options.

We hope you like the diet of making a series on healthy breakfasts. 

This is an entry that serves as an introduction to the series, but here are the links to the seven recipes:

Breakfast 1: Green Strawberry-Banana-Mango Smoothie

Breakfast 2: oatmeal or porridge

Breakfast 3: tomato and avocado toast

Breakfast 4: oatmeal and carrot pudding

Breakfast 5: chia pudding with strawberries

Breakfast 6: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Breakfast 7: vegan scrambled toast, asparagus and dried tomatoes

We have a little surprise for you at the end of the series!?

Healthy vegan breakfasts

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