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Vegan Coconut Yoghurt {Quick Recipe!}

Vegan Coconut Yoghurt | danceofstoves.com #vegan
Today I want to show you a delicious vegan alternative to traditional yoghurt. 

It is much healthier, the content of probiotics (which are beneficial bacteria for your intestine) is higher, and no calf or cow has to suffer. 

All are advantages! 

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The only downside is its price because it is made with fresh coconuts, and unfortunately, they are not as cheap as other ingredients, but if you can afford them or in your area they are affordable, you have to try this recipe

If not, you can do like me and enjoy it from time to time to give yourself a tribute. 

Another option is to make soy yoghurt; it is also delicious.

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Yoghurt is made with milk to which good bacteria are added to our digestive system, and often some thickener is also added so that it is not so liquid. 

The downside of commercial yoghurts is that they are often so processed that the amount of bacteria is not very high, and we do not take full advantage of their beneficial effects. 

The good thing about this yoghurt is that it is not exposed to heat and is completely homemade; in this way, it is much more nutritious.

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Vegan Yoghurt without Soy | danceofstoves.com #vegan
To make this recipe, you do not need to complicate your life with a thermometer, yoghurt maker, oven or anything like that; you only need fresh coconuts and probiotics, nothing more.

Fresh coconut | danceofstoves.com #vegan
Probiotics have changed my life without being over the top. 

As I have already mentioned before, dairy was my favourite food before being vegan, especially cheese and yoghurt. 

I had them daily

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When I became vegan, I did not change the traditional yoghurts for a vegan version because I do not usually have dessert, and I prefer other options for breakfast or snacks between meals.

I like to read books, blogs and articles on nutrition and health and in many of them, they talk about the importance of probiotics to enjoy good health and to be able to cure or improve specific ailments or diseases (I recommend that you read the book Digestion It's The Giulia Enders Question), so I decided to give them a chance.

Since I take them, I go to the bathroom much better, and my digestion and skin have improved considerably. 

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We can take them through foods such as yoghurt, kimchi or sauerkraut (I would like to share the recipes on the blog in the future) or as a supplement, which is how I take them. 

However, now that summer has passed, and we are a bit calmer, I would like to start making homemade sauerkraut.

Vegan Coconut Yoghurt Recipe Without Milk | danceofstoves.com #vegan
You can eat this rich yoghurt as is, add granola, nuts, dried or fresh fruits, or make savoury recipes, such as a delicious yoghurt sauce that I will share the next day.

* I buy my probiotics from iHerb, and they are vegan, specifically this brand, although you can find them in herbalists. 

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The good thing about iHerb is that it is very cheap and I buy some products there that I cannot get in Spain, so I take advantage of it when I have to place an order. 

If you buy for the first time you can use my discount code: JWT081, with it you can get a discount of 5 or 10 $ (it varies depending on what you spend), and they give me a small discount on the next purchase. 

If you are going to order, be careful and always choose the cheapest shipping method (international), the maximum value must be $ 80 and the total weight of 4 pounds (about 1.8 kilos).

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How to open a coconut | danceofstoves.com #vegan

BioChef High-Performance Blender

How To Make Vegan Coconut Yoghurt | danceofstoves.com #vegan
Vegan Coconut Yoghurt (Quick Recipe)

Vegan Coconut Yoghurt | danceofstoves.com #vegan
This coconut yoghurt recipe is delicious, speedy and easy; you only need two ingredients; it is very healthy and has a significant content of probiotics.

  • Author: Dance of Stoves
  • Preparation: 10 mins
  • Total: 10 minutes
  • Servings: 1 (1x), 2 (2x), 3 (3x)
  • Category: Dessert, Sweets, Breakfast, Snack, Snack
  • Cuisine: Vegan, Gluten-Free, Raw Vegan

Ingredients SCALE (1x)

  • 3/4 cup of fresh coconut meat (175 g)
  • Two tablespoons coconut water
  • One teaspoon lemon juice
  • Two probiotic capsules

Ingredients SCALE (2x)

  • 1 1/2 cup of fresh coconut meat (350 g)
  • Four tablespoons of coconut water
  • Two teaspoon lemon juice
  • Four capsules of probiotics

Ingredients SCALE (3x)

  • 2 1/4 cup fresh coconut meat (525 g)
  • Six tablespoons coconut water
  • Three teaspoon lemon juice
  • Six probiotic capsules


  1. When the coconut is open (in the tips section, I will tell you how), pour the coconut water into a container and do not throw it away, it is the best water you can drink; it is vibrant and very nutritious. Scoop the meat out of the coconut with the help of a spoon, wash it, and remove any remaining coconut husk.
  2. Add the coconut meat to the blender and the coconut water and lemon juice and beat until you get a consistency of yoghurt. If it's too thick, add more coconut water.
  3. Pour the yoghurt into a bowl, add the content of 2 probiotic capsules (discard the container, add only the powders inside) and stir well.
  4. Cover with gauze or cloth and let it rest for at least 12 hours in a dark, dry place. After that time, you can take your yoghurt of the time or put it in the fridge for a while to be fresh and more prosperous.


  • To open the coconuts, use a machete or a knife with a broad blade. Place the coconut on a firm surface (such as a kitchen counter or a sturdy table) and tap into a square. Take your hands off the coconut to avoid upset.
  • If you do not get probiotics, you can make the yoghurt only with the coconut; it will have the same texture, but the flavour will be slightly different, and it will not have the same properties.


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