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Healthy Date Syrup Recipe

Date Syrup | danceofstoves.com #DanceofStoves #recipe #vegan #withoutgluten
As I already mentioned in another post, I am challenging myself to go 60 days without consuming sugar and other refined sweeteners. 

It's been almost a month now, and it does not cost me anything, but I have to admit that I didn't consume it daily, but when I went out to eat, in the recipes on the blog or when I wanted to treat myself to a sweet treat from time to time. 

That is why I have been trying different sweeteners, and I am in love with this date syrup.

Dates are the healthiest sweetener you can find; they are natural and give a delicious flavour to any recipe; the problem is that you cannot use them as-is, except for some recipes such as oatmeal porridge, that is why this syrup is an excellent alternative to sugar and molasses or syrups.

It is effortless to prepare; you have to whisk dates, water and lemon juice, although this last ingredient is optional (I like it better without the lemon). 

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You can use the dates you want, but be careful that they are natural because some have added ingredients.

Date Syrup | danceofstoves.com #DanceofStoves #recipe #vegan #withoutgluten
The only utensil you need is a mixer. 

I have used a glass blender (specifically the Vitamix), but you can also use an arm mixer if you want. 

The more powerful your mixer is, the better consistency the syrup will have, although you can add a little more water if it is too lumpy.

Date Syrup | danceofstoves.com #DanceofStoves #recipe #vegan #withoutgluten
When you have the syrup ready, store it in a glass jar with a lid in the fridge. 

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It may be that after time the syrup will be denser than when you whipped it; it is normal. 

You can add more water and stir or make it more liquid from the beginning by adding more water to the mixer. 

It has a vibrant flavour, it reminds me of caramel, and the texture is spectacular.

Date Syrup | danceofstoves.com #DanceofStoves #recipe #vegan #withoutgluten
The cute containers that you can see in the photo below are from Pyrex; they were sent to us in the welcome pack because it is a blog recommended by this brand and other kitchen utensils such as the one you can see in the purifying broth recipe Made of veggies

They are actually for baking; let's see if we make a recipe for cupcakes or muffins for two, so you make the right amount and avoid temptations.

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Date Syrup | danceofstoves.com #DanceofStoves #recipe #vegan #withoutgluten
This date syrup can be used to make sweets, we have tried it with a blondie that we will publish on the blog, and it was delicious. 

I've also tried adding a little syrup to my breakfast green smoothies, and they were delicious. 

The good thing about this syrup is that it is much cheaper than others, such as maple or agave. 

It has many uses and is a thousand times healthier than refined sweeteners and especially artificial ones, which are very harmful despite not having calories. 

We must not be afraid of calories, we must eat healthily and lead an active life, in this way we will not get fat, and we will feel much better. 

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I hope you liked the recipe!

Date Syrup | danceofstoves.com #DanceofStoves #recipe #vegan #withoutgluten
Date Syrup

Date Syrup
Date syrup is a very healthy and inexpensive alternative to traditional sugar. It is prepared in less than 5 minutes, and you only need two ingredients.

  • Author: Dance of Stoves
  • Preparation: 5 mins
  • Total: 5 minutes
  • Servings: 2 cups (500 milliliters) (1x), 4 cups (1000 milliliters) (2x), 6 cups (1500 milliliters) (3x)
  • Category: Sweetener
  • Cuisine: Vegan, Gluten-Free

Ingredients SCALE (1x)

  • 1 cup of dates (200 grams)
  • 1 1/2 cups of water (375 millilitres)
  • One teaspoon lemon juice (optional)

Ingredients SCALE (2x)

  • 2 cups of dates (400 grams)
  • 3 cups of water (750 millilitres)
  • Two teaspoon lemon juice (optional)

Ingredients SCALE (3x)

  • 3 cups of dates (600 grams)
  • 4 1/2 cups of water (1125 millilitres)
  • Three teaspoon lemon juice (optional)


  1. Put all the ingredients in a blender and beat until you get the desired consistency.
  2. Store the syrup in the fridge in a glass jar with a lid.

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