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10 Vegan Starters Recipes

10 Vegan Starters
Who doesn't like starters

They are perfect for a quick snack, a snack or aperitif when the bug hits us or open our mouths before the main meal. 

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There are many different vegan options, but today we want to propose these ten recipes that you can find on the blog (you have to click on the name of each recipe). 

We hope you like them a lot!

1.- Porra Antequerana {Spanish Cold Tomato Soup!}.

Antequeran truncheon
2.- Healthy Potato Nachos {Delicious!}.

Potato nachos: Potato nachos are a healthy, cheap, and delicious alternative to traditional nachos that are often packed with additives and refined ingredients.
3.- Epic Baba Ganoush Recipe.

Baba Ganoush
4.- Tomato And Avocado Tostadas.

Tomato and avocado toast
5.- Muhammara {Vegetable Pate Of Pepper And Walnuts!}.

Muhammara Pepper and Walnut Vegetable Pate: Muhammara is a Syrian Pepper and Walnut vegetable pate. It is prepared in less than 5 minutes and has a very intense flavour. It is a delicious snack or starter.
6.- Rainbow Guacamole Dip Recipe.

Rainbow Guacamole: Making guacamole is very easy, inexpensive, and healthier. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and can be used as a dip or in many recipes.
7.- Best Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe.

Stuffed mushrooms | These stuffed mushrooms are a very colourful, simple and rich starter. You can change the ingredients of the filling to your liking.
8.- White Bean And Pumpkin Hummus.

White Bean and Pumpkin Hummus | danceofstoves.com #vegan
9.- Vegan Fat-Free Cheese Sauce.

Fat-Free Vegan Cheese - This fat-free version of our famous vegan cheese is just as rich as the original. You have to try it!
10.- Homemade Mexican Sauce.

Homemade Mexican Salsa
Have you made any of these recipes?

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