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What To Eat Being Vegan

What to eat being vegan
Today I am not going to share a recipe as usual. Still, I want to answer a question that we receive very often, mainly by email, and I think it is more beneficial to make a blog post than to answer the same answer repeatedly.

The first thing I want to clarify is that veganism is not a diet. It is a philosophy of life, and vegans do not consume any product of animal origin or imply the suffering of any animal. 

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As our blog is about cooking, I will focus on diet or what we can eat if we want to be healthy.

I also want to clarify that although I am a health coach who graduated from the IIN in New York, and although I read many books, blogs and articles because I care about my health and yours, I am not a doctor or nutritionist.

Is the vegan diet for everyone?

Yes, health organisations worldwide recognise that the vegan diet is suitable for any age and condition as long as it is a healthy and complete diet.

What do we vegans not eat?

Vegans do not eat animals (meat, fish) or products of animal origin or produced by animals (dairy, eggs, honey).

What do vegans eat?

Everything else! It is a ubiquitous question from people who are not vegan, but the fact is that there are many more things that we do eat than foods that we do not, and our diet is usually even more varied than it was before, at least in my case.

What do we eat?

There are many ways to eat vegan, but we try to eat as healthy a diet as possible

We include healthy carbohydrates in all meals such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, oatmeal, pasta, other cereals (millet, quinoa, buckwheat), and we also eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.

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We also consume vegetable protein sources such as legumes, soy derivatives such as tofu or tempeh, or seitan (made from wheat gluten) and healthy fats in moderation such as unrefined oils, nuts, seeds, avocado or coconut.

We avoid refined products to the maximum in our day today. 

Still, if you follow us on Instagram, you will see that we are not super strict and that when we leave home or travel, we indulge ourselves by trying vegan dishes higher in fat and made with refined products, but they are not the basis of our diet.

What do we usually eat in a day?

Waleed prefers to eat whole fruit, but I love smoothies and my favourite time of the day to have them is breakfast. You have several recipes on the blog, although this green smoothie is one of my favourites.

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We also usually have oatmeal porridge for breakfast, especially in the months when it is cold. 

We prepare the oat flakes with water or vegetable milk, and then we add fruit, natural sweeteners (dates, coconut or brown sugar, maple syrup) and any ingredient that we want or have on hand (nuts, seeds, cocoa, bruise).

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If we are hungry, we chop fruit, nuts, seeds, any rest that we have in the fridge, hummus with raw vegetables, whole wheat bread with something spread on top (jam, hummus, nut butter), a glass of vegetable milk with an infusion or with cocoa, smoothies, etc.

We usually always take some source of healthy carbohydrates for lunch and dinner, some vegetable protein, and some source of fat and raw or cooked vegetables.

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We do not fry daily, but we use other healthier cooking methods such as steam, the oven, sauté food in a pan with a bit of oil or water, or cooking in plenty of boiling water.

We have many recipes on the blog so that you can eat a variety!

Do I have to give up my favourite foods?

No way! Who can organise almost any dish? 

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In the blog, we have all kinds of sweet and savoury recipes, and there are also more and more vegan foods on the market. 

However, be careful with vegetable substitutes because they are usually high in fat and highly processed, they are good to make the transition or give us a whim, but they are not healthy for the day today.

Is it expensive to be vegan?

It does not have to be expensive. The cheapest foods on the planet are vegan, and the most impoverished populations have a mostly vegan diet because rice, potatoes, legumes and many vegetables are very reasonable. 

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You don't need to eat expensive foods if they are out of your budget, and you don't need them to be healthy.

Can I have deficiencies being vegan?

Sure, but you can also have them with a traditional diet. If you follow a healthy diet with healthy and natural foods, you will not have any deficiency. 

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You also have to sunbathe to get vitamin D, and what we should do is supplement with vitamin B12 (2000 mcg a week of cyanocobalamin).

Isn't taking supplements artificial?

Yes, but it is the only way to get vitamin B12 safely. Many non-vegans believe that having to supplement is not a healthy diet, but what they do not know is that they also take vitamin B12 supplements through the animals they eat.

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B12 is produced by bacteria that live in the soil. All animals, including us, can obtain directly through food; the problem is that the chemicals used in agriculture have impoverished the grounds, and it is tough to get it in a way. 

Natural, even if we consume organic products, nowadays we clean our food a lot, and that also eliminates bacteria. Animals also take supplements; at least I can choose a quality supplement, vegan, and natural ingredients.

Some vegans do not supplement, are tested and get perfect B12, but others have deficiencies, so it is not worth risking your health. 

Vegan supplements are made with safe ingredients, and excess B12 is excreted in the urine and does not pose any risk to our health.

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You can also take foods fortified with vitamin B12; although I like to better supplement, I see it as more comfortable.

How to start a vegan diet?

For health or ethical reasons (for the animals, for the environment, for the third world, etc.), some people decide to eat this type of diet, but each one makes the transition in their way. 

Some change overnight in the morning, and others do it little by little; the important thing is to take a healthier and more respectful diet.

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In our case, it was not overnight, but we spent a month informing ourselves, and we gradually gave up meat and fish during that month, then we were vegetarian for six months, and finally, we became vegan in July 2014.

If you want to know more…

The best thing you can do is join our How to Be Vegan course. I would have loved to have all the information that the system has to make my transition easier.

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It includes a complete menu for a week with all the recipes on video, nutritional information on how to get all the nutrients, tips for making the transition, an ebook for special occasions and much more.

I also leave you some books and documentaries about veganism from the point of view of health and the most ethical part:

We hope this post has helped you and if you have any questions, leave a comment to expand the information. A huge kiss!

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