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Best Natural Facial Scrubs

Natural Facial Scrubs: These scrubs are natural and healthy alternatives to commercial scrubs and are made with 100% natural ingredients.
As the entry of natural body scrubs was so successful, today I bring you several facial scrubs because the skin of the face is more delicate and sensitive than that of the body and needs special care.

Those of you waiting for entries about my diet and veganism do not worry because I will do them in the future. 

In January, it will be two years since we became vegetarians and a year and a half since we are vegan, so I have thought to take advantage of that particular date to make a series of entries on veganism explaining why we are vegan from different points of view. ?

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Once a week, I dedicate a little more time to my skin; I wash it using natural soap (right now, I am using Aleppo soap because I love it if you want, I can tell you about it in another post). I exfoliate it. I apply a hydrating mask and finally hydrate my skin.

Ideally, do not exfoliate your face more than once or twice a week, although this may vary depending on your skin type. 

Regarding the time and temperature of the water, there is a diversity of opinions; many people say that the idea is to exfoliate just after the shower because we have more open pores and that we use warm water to wash our face before and after; however, as I have sensitive skin, I should exfoliate when the skin is calmer (after the shower it is usually more reddened by water and heat). 

I always apply cold water, but it is a matter of taste and to see what suits it best to your skin.

The options that I gave you for body scrubs work for all skin types (oily, dry and sensitive), but the issue of facial scrubs is more complicated, so I want to give you several alternatives.

Note: Who can also use these scrubs on the neck and lips.

Option 1: oatmeal + water

Natural Oatmeal and Water Facial Scrub: These scrubs are natural and healthy alternatives to commercial scrubs and are made with 100% natural ingredients.
I have susceptible skin, so the only facial scrub I use right now is this one because it hydrates it a lot and makes it smoother without damaging it.

I use rolled oats that I grind in a food processor, but you can also use a grinder or even a blender (I don't know if you can grind it with a handheld). I take a handful, pour water into a paste and apply it to my skin (which is wet) in circular motions, spreading it all over my face

I let the oatmeal work for about 5 minutes, or until it starts to dry out and my skin feels tight, I wash it off with water. It is a kind of scrub/mask because it also hydrates the skin and exfoliates it.

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You can also make this scrub with unrefined vegetable oil instead of water, but it works well for me this way, and I make the amount I need on the go.

I usually calculate the number of oats and water by eye, but this time I have measured it and added twice as much water as oats (two tablespoons of oats + one tablespoon of water).

Option 2: unrefined vegetable oil + natural granules

Natural Sugar and Oil Facial Scrub: These scrubs are natural and healthy alternatives to commercial scrubs and are made with 100% natural ingredients.
If you don't have sensitive skin or want a deeper exfoliation, you can mix and unrefined vegetable oil with some natural granule

My favourite oil is jojoba, but some oils may work better for you than others (I will make another entry talking about oils) depending on the type of skin you have. However, I do not recommend using coconut oil because it solidifies when it is cold. 

As for the granules, it is better to use more OK options than coarse salts, such as acceptable salt, sugar, baking soda, ground cinnamon or coffee grounds.

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You can also use water instead of oil, some molasses/syrup or even lemon juice, which helps to lighten the skin and eliminate pimple marks, although if you use it, do it at night because if the sun hits you, you can get spots. 

If you want, you can use only two ingredients (liquid + granules) or mix several ingredients.

The scrub in the photo is an example, and I used two tablespoons of brown sugar, one jojoba oil, and one extra virgin olive oil. If you have any leftover, you can keep them in a jar for the next time or use them to exfoliate the body

Unlike option 1, this scrub is ideally applied to dry skin because it contains oil.

The photo shows that it has a lot of oil, but when it is stirred, it integrates with the sugar. I use coconut sugar because it is what I have, but any will work.

Option 3: dry brushing

Natural Facial Scrub Brush: These scrubs are natural and healthy alternatives to commercial scrubs and are made with 100% natural ingredients.
The last option that I propose is dry facial brushing. Just as I love body brushing and do it daily, I don't like using this brush on my face

I bought a special one because the one with the body is bigger and more complex, but it has not worked well for me because I have susceptible skin, but if you do not have it like that, you may like it, and it is very comfortable because you do not have to be doing mixtures.

With a dry face, it is effortless to start brushing starting at the neck and gradually work your way up to the forehead, brushing with gentle circular movements.

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I tell you the same as with body brushes; they must be made with natural materials, and be careful because they are often not vegan since they are made with animal hair bristles.

I hope you find my helpful advice, although each skin is different and the best we can do is try until we find something that suits us. You will tell me how it goes with these natural scrubs. ?

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