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15 Recipes For Valentine's Day

15 recipes for valentine's day
Another year we have prepared a compilation with recipes for Valentine's Day. Last year we only shared sweet recipes, but this year there is everything. ?

My favourite recipes are tomato soup and red pepper hummus, and Waleed's are Pad Thai and lentil bolognese. We are more salty than sweet, but the two drinks and the desserts in the compilation are also vibrant.

And you, are you going to do something special for Valentine's Day? We are spending the weekend in Seville, and just that day, we will return to Malaga. 

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We never give ourselves anything on that date because we don't like it, but we usually go out to eat out or prepare something special at home. 

However, we want to save as much as we can to travel when we are in Germany, and we have to take the train to Malaga; I don't know if we will do anything. 

The important thing is the day to day and the small details. We hope you have a great time! ❤️

1.- Healthy Potato Nachos {Delicious!}:

Potato nachos
2.- Vegan Fat-Free Risotto:

Fat-Free Vegan Risotto: You can use this fat-free vegan risotto as a base to make any vegan risotto and add your favorite ingredients.
3.- Sweet Potato Brownie {Low-Fat!}:

Sweet Potato Brownie: Making low-fat vegan desserts is a breeze. To prepare this sweet potato brownie, you only need five ingredients, and it is to die for.
4.- Juice For Valentine's Day:

Juice for Valentine's Day: There is no better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with a juice loaded with vitamins and nutrients to pamper our body and that of our loved ones.
5.- Spicy Tomato Soup Recipe:

Spicy tomato soup | danceofstoves.com #vegan
6.- Vegan Crepes Without Oil:

How to make vegan crepes without oil | danceofstoves.com #vegan
7.- Lentil Bolognese Recipe:

Lentil Bolognese
8.- Nutella And Strawberry Toast:

Nutella and strawberry toast
9.- Roasted Red Pepper Hummus:

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
10.- Delicious And Healthy Smoothie For Radiant Skin:

Smoothie for radiant skin | danceofstoves.com #DanceofStoves #vegan #withoutgluten
11.- Healthy & Light Zucchini Spaghetti With Avocado Sauce:

Zucchini Spaghetti with Avocado Sauce
12.- Baked Falafel With Vegan Yoghurt Sauce:

Baked Falafel with Vegan Yogurt Sauce | danceofstoves.com #vegan
13.- Banana Pudding {5 Minutes}:

Banana Pudding
14.- Roasted Sweet Potato Salad Recipe:

Sweet Potato Salad
15.- Easy Vegan Pad Thai Recipe:
Vegan Pad Thai Recipe | danceofstoves.com #vegan

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