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10 Healthy Vegan Snacks

10 Healthy Vegan Snacks
How was your weekend? I hope you have rested a lot and enjoyed your loved ones.

Today I bring you a compilation of 10 healthy vegan snacks. Fresh fruit and nuts are a quick and very healthy option, but sometimes we feel like something more elaborate, or we have a craving for other things. 

Hummus is one of my favourite snacks, and for the day to day, I usually eat it with raw carrots that I cut into sticks, although the energy balls are also my downfall. Unfortunately, I can't tell you which recipe I like the most, so it's best to try them all. ?

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By the way, for those of you who have not heard, yesterday I opened a new Instagram account in which I will share what I eat daily; I encourage you to follow me. Have a lovely Sunday!

1.- Vegan Lentil Pate Recipe.

Lentil Pate. - This lentil pâté is perfect for breakfast, to make sandwiches or as a garnish or snack with bread, crudités or nachos.
2.- The Best Healthy Chickpea Croutons (Gluten-Free).

Chickpea Croutons
3.- Easy Energy Balls Recipe.

Energy balls: These energy balls are very satiating, easy to prepare, transport and give us a lot of energy. They are perfect for athletes and students.
4.- Chia Pudding With Strawberries.

Chia pudding with strawberries: This chia pudding with strawberries is the ideal breakfast if you are in a hurry in the morning because you can prepare it the day before. You only need five ingredients.
5.- Vegan Pesto Hummus + YouTube.

Vegan Pesto Hummus: This vegan pesto hummus is a starter that always wins. It is a vibrant and straightforward recipe. It is also perfect for sandwiches and sandwiches.
6.- Healthy Nutella {Vegan, Gluten-Free}.

Healthy Nutella
7.- Bruschetta With Vegan Pesto.

Vegan pesto bruschetta
8.- Easy Vegan Cashew Yoghurt.

Easy Vegan Cashew Yogurt: This vegan cashew yoghurt is a straightforward recipe in less than 10 minutes, and then we have to let it rest to ferment.
9.- Dehydrated Energy Bars.

Dehydrated Energy Bars: These dehydrated energy bars are the perfect snack. They keep longer than raw and are more nutritious than baked.
10.- Easy Low-Fat Vegan Pate.
Low-Fat Vegan Pate - This low-fat vegan pate is my favourite pate to date. It's ready in less than 5 minutes! I love taking it over raw zucchini slices.

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